In an era marked with a surge in fascination for international sounds, Jonita Gandhi is already reshaping the music industry as the first female artist of 91 North Records. As the pioneering female recording artist to this groundbreaking label, Jonita exudes an elegance—a wealth of experience and steady determination that propels her musical journey to new heights. What follows is a compelling narrative, woven with cultural influences, diverse genres, and the resilience that indeed makes her a true musical soul.

Jonita's roots trace back to her blend of Indian and Canadian cultures, with an upbringing in an environment that immersed her in music at a young age. Her fascination with the world of arts naturally sparked early, growing up with Bollywood films and their captivating storylines and choreographed dance sequences unfolding before her young eyes. Inspired early on by the iconic Madhuri Dixit, a famous Bollywood actress, the lasting impression led Jonita to dream of her future where music, dance, and multi-genre artistry joined in perfect harmony.

Although born in New Delhi, India, her roots combined with being raised in the culturally diverse city of Toronto in Canada, nurtured her eclectic musical palette, extending beyond the boundaries of Bollywood to embrace pop, RnB and dancehall rhythms. However, destiny had its plans leading Jonita to an outstanding career ahead of her, with her debut in Bollywood as a playback singer of "Chennai Express" in 2013; the catalyst to her entry into the Indian film music scene. That was the beginning of a remarkable career in playback singing, establishing a series of multi chart topping songs one after the other, not only in Bollywood, but also Indian regional film industries and a plethora of other music ventures.

Jonita excelled in the Indian film sound space using this canvas to embrace her musical brilliance collaborating with films such as 2016’s ”Ae Dil Hai Mushkil" and "Dangal".Songs like "The Breakup Song" and "Gilehriyaan," composed by Pritam - one with a reputation for combining Indian classical music with Western-style and unprecedented streaming numbers - managed not only to grant Jonita accolades but also nominations at the Filmfare Awards in 2017 for Best Playback Singer for “Gilehriyaan” and the Mirchi Music Awards for Female Vocalist of the Year. Up next in 2018, she had been re-nominated at the Filmfare Awards and 2019 won a second award at the Mirchi Music Award for Best Female Playback Singer. This was the continuation of the success story of a singer capable of capturing the moment like Bollywood does, establishing Jonita as a prominent figure in the Indian language film and music industries.

She was no stranger to live performances and concerts, both in India and abroad, and through her presence on stage, versatility, and engaging interactions with her fans demonstrated from all angles that she had taken all the steps in opening up her own doors of making a significant impact in the music industry. Yet, beneath the surface of
her success, the unique amalgamation of Jonita’s cultural influences and love for various styles of music presented a personal dilemma in answering the question of what her true musical identity was—one that she navigated by embracing adaptability and recognizing that music, as a universal language, unites cultures. “One thing I’ve learned
how to do throughout to address this challenge is being very adaptive within myself and towards a new opportunity. My voice crosses oceans; my sound brings cultures together. I don’t speak the languages of all of my audiences but the one thing that brings us together is my music.”

While the world came to an abrupt halt amidst a global pandemic in 2020, Jonita found herself in her Mumbai apartment grappling with the unknown. Rather than succumb to monotony, she turned adversity into an opportunity, channeling her creativity into songwriting. The result was a memorable ballad expressing her internal battle to reflect the confidence that she so desired within her to pursue her true aspirations. This transformative moment sparked a realization within Jonita: the time had come to venture into a new path, the unknown territory of crafting her own music.

Embarking on her new goal of creating her own sound, Jonita explored and ventured into the Urban Punjabi music space, and proved her mettle with singles in collaboration with Treehouse V.H.T., that showcased an previously unrevealed side of Jonita that was more in line with the ‘girl from Toronto’ that she is. Then, the stars aligned when Jonita met Creative Director Ikky (91 North Records) who then connected her with Director of A&R Charlie B (Warner Music Canada) where she was introduced to the visionary concept of 91 North Records—a joint venture between Warner Music Canada and Warner Music India, the missing piece of her puzzle. This synchronicity gave Jonita the
affirmation that she now had a platform to develop music that resonated with her roots that would enable her to share with the world. It marked a pivotal moment in her journey, guiding her into a new phase where she could assert her creative independence.

In a landscape where South Asian sounds are making waves into mainstream music, Jonita stands on the forefront, representing the fusion of strengths, talents, and adaptability. Currently with 16 million monthly listeners on Spotify, she sets the tone as 91 North Records’ first female artist. Her debut EP project is testament to her evolution – the journey into a sound that's authentically Jonita, transcends the confines of prescribed genres and allows her audience an intimate glimpse into her artistic soul.

Jonita’s debut single Love Like That' released in January 2024 marked her courageous endeavor into a new musical phase. Describing her sound as “an organic blend of my worlds beautifully and thematically coming together," Jonita delivered an experience that exceeded notes and rhythms. Her debut solo project unveiled in February 2024 not only marked a moment for her, but offered a profound opportunity for her audience to connect with the essence that makes Jonita Gandhi.

Jonita strides into the next chapter of her musical journey with the consistency of her determined spirit. Her vision reaches beyond personal success – seeing her work connect with her audience on a deeper level in hopes to inspire future female artists of the same heritage, “this is the first time I’m doing all the different elements of sounds tied to my upbringing and musical influences... putting myself out there being very vulnerable with my audience... connecting with something that is truly me.” Jonita's message resonates: embracing authenticity is key to growth and self-expression as an artist drawing inspiration from every step of the journey. Jonita stands as a powerful, authentic voice impacting the future of music — inviting audiences into her evolving sound and inspiring the next generation of female artists, one note at a time.

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